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What Are The Main Psychological Benefits Of Homework?

If you want to know the main psychological benefits of homework you have come to the right place. Usually the mere mention of this word causes ice to roll and grunts to escape the lips of students very quickly. Today is continue to display the same frustration and agitation at being assigned such tasks. But research indicates that the amount of work students do today is significantly less compared to the amount of work that their parents had to do when they were the same age.

  • Today studies indicate that elementary school students average 30 to 45 minutes of work every night while high school students average only 60 minutes per night. This is a figure which has remained consistent roughly since 1984. Part of the reason for this is that teenagers today are enrolling in college classes as early as they can some of them and rolling as early as ninth or 10th grade. Continual push for programs such as advanced placement or programs that offer dual enrollment has caused many children to become significantly more anxious about the work they have to do and most children indicate that the source of their stress is work outside of the classroom. But it does still serve a psychological purpose.

  • Work assigned outside of the classroom help students to prepare for statewide examinations and national tests. This worker also helps to reinforce the lessons that are taught within the classroom. Students to complete their work on a regular basis are able to positively engage and interact with their teachers end their parents. Parents are able to engage in their child's education.

  • Perhaps the most important benefits to this is the fact that work outside of the classroom teacher-student fundamental skills including organization, responsibility, time management, and task completion. What is perhaps most important is that students are able to demonstrate their mastery of material without having a teacher nearby.

  • Teachers should assign no more than a few hours of work per night as that is typically counterproductive to the aforementioned benefits. Students were able to spend an adequate amount of time on the work but not too much have lower levels of stress and fewer psychological and physical health problems. Having too much work will have a negative impact on social lives for children and being far too busy to have a social life prevents students from actively engaging with their surroundings and those near them. In fact many students find that they have weight-loss, stomach aches, sleep deprivation, headaches, less time to spend with their friends, and the need to quit extracurricular activities when their homework load becomes too much.

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