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A List Of Interesting Homework Ideas For 2nd Grade Students

2nd grade students are so young, that they don’t even understand school well. All they know is that they have to go there to study and that they will meet their friends there. This is why you can’t expect them to work on complicated homework; it’s just not the time yet. It is your mission as a parent to give your child some ideas that he can used when he is working on his assignment. You are out of inspiration? Then take a look at this list:

  • Make a short composition about your sibling. Your child can easily handle this task if you stay beside him. He might not have good writing skills yet, but he will get improved if you help him practice. Make sure to correct his composition when he is done.

  • What is your favorite animal and why? All children like animals, so you can take advantage of this and ask him to write about his pet. It will not be difficult for him to find the right things to say, and he will understand how important it is to take care of animals.

  • What do you like more about school? If your kid is not very sociable, you will not find out in easy way how he is doing in school. You can get some information by asking him to write about this in a few short sentences. He will be more honest in writing and you can know everything about what he feels.

  • A possible future career. He will probably change his mind in a few years, but it’s good to know what he loves more. Find out if he wants to be a doctor, a lawyer or an artist and why; then, work together to compose a short essay.

  • Draw all the members of your family. If he is already tired and exhausted for today, you can’t ask him to focus on writing. Drawing on the other hand will relax him and help have fun. Allow him to use whatever colors he wants.

  • Make a fun biology experiment together. It’s difficult for him to memorize a lot of information if he is just reading. If you want to make sure that he is good in biology, you can find a nice experiment to do together. For example, you can mix different substances and get fascinating colors.

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