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How Do You Deal With Unsolvable Math Homework Problems?

Let’s face it, math can be really hard and no matter how much we hate it, it still has to get done. Now that we’ve faced reality, here are a few great ways that you can deal with the type of problem that seems unsolvable.

Ask your teacher to help you

This is a great way to start but it is only possible if you figure out the issue early. For instance, if your assignment is due the following day and you don’t realize you can’t do it until late at night, you may not be able to contact your teacher on time. You will have to explain in person why your work is incomplete and that is a harder case to make.

Attempt your assignment in the presence of others

Gather all your smart friends together and try to do the homework with them. Each of you may be slightly better than the others at one specific thing and if you all work together you may be capable of far more complicated things than you know. Just remember that slackers cannot be invited no matter how likable they are. They may derail the entire session unintentionally.

Refer to multiple text books

Mathematics is a broad field and if your text book skims over the topic that frustrates you, it may be helpful to find a few others that cover it in minute detail. Look carefully at the worked examples and try to figure out how to apply the formulas they contain. It may take some time but the knowledge you gain this way will be well worth it.

Check out a math forum

There are a few tips and tricks that you are more likely to pick up if you have really immersed yourself in math-based pursuits out of a genuine love for them. If you do not love math this way, look for forums for people who do. They may be able to share their secrets with you and provide a few shortcuts that save you time with assignments that only seem impossible.

Pay someone to assist you over the internet

Whether you choose to get a tutor or some other academic assistance, the internet is a treasure trove. You can easily get online help that you can rely on through these sites.

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