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No Homework Policy: Debating Tips For Students

Are you trying to debate a topic such as no homework but are not sure how to do it? There are many elements to a good debate that must be considered if you are to win over the audience. At times your point of view might not even be the correct one, but with good debating skills you can win over the majority. What you have to remember is that who is correct is not as important as the power of the debating skills – afterall, that’s what will be tested here.

With that thought in mind, here are some debating tips that you can utilize when fighting over topics such as no home work for students:

Get Your Facts Right

It’s important get a variety of facts and data to back up any points you make. Actually, it’s important to always make some link to a related statistic when making a point. Otherwise the audience will only be able to trust you on your word, and that is not enough.

To get your facts right it’s important to use trustworthy sources. For example, don’t use the type of websites that an amateur has put up. Instead use industry leading media outlets that have the professionals reporting on stories. In this case look for any data that shows an improvement in grades when the volume of homework assignments are decreased.

Make one point at a time

It’s important to make a single point at a time so that your audience does not get confused. Follow through the argument logically until you have reached the conclusion of a point before moving onto the next one.

Perhaps when writing its best to keep each point to a single paragraph, or use subheadings to clearly break up the piece into easy to read sections.

Keep The Arguments Related

Making a bunch of arguments that have little connection to your overall debate is going to be counter-productive. That’s because when you do actually start to make sense, it might not be recognized in all the noise.

A good debate should be focused on quality, not quantity. So when you proofread, think of sections that do not really contribute to the overall argument. If they don’t then do not hesitate to remove them in the hopes of strengthening your overall piece.

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